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Counselling and mental health

Our telehealth counselling and somatic therapy offer ways to improve your mental well-being and address traumatic experiences.

What is mental health?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘mental health’ many times but have you ever stopped to think about its meaning?

Mental health is a state of well-being where you feel good and function well in the world. It covers your feelings, thoughts and behaviours and the way you perceive the world around you.

According to the World Health Organization, good mental health enables you to:

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, life throws up many challenges. Stress, financial worries, job insecurity, relationship difficulties, bereavement or trauma can trigger many common mental health conditions.

If you don’t feel like yourself anymore, then book a session with one of our counsellors.



Counselling can help you understand yourself better, gain insights into difficult situations and support your mental health.

At Altru Health, we recognise that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy because each person is different. We offer a range of modalities, so you can choose one that best suits your needs, and provide our services by telehealth so you can feel comfortable in your own surroundings.

Therapy styles to suit your needs

Your mental health is affected by many different things – trauma, life experiences, family history, thought patterns, support systems, underlying beliefs and many, many more.

No two people are the same in this way. That’s why we draw on a range of approaches to therapy, adjusting our treatment to meet your needs.

Key approaches to therapy


Focused on releasing repressed thoughts and feelings


Focused on the unconscious


Focused on learning new behaviours


Focused on thought patterns


Focused on achieving potential


Combines elements of each approach to therapy

What is counselling?

Counselling is a form of talk therapy led by a trained mental health professional. Your counsellor will ask you questions that help you explore your thoughts, feelings, reactions or underlying beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Counsellors help you to understand what’s going on in your life and explore new ways of thinking, relating and moving forward.

What is counselling

How could counselling help me?

A counsellor could help you:

Somatic therapy

Somatic therapy

Where counselling engages your mind, somatic therapy emphasises your body – ‘soma’ means the body, as distinct from the psyche.

What is somatic therapy?

Traumatic experiences certainly cause mental and emotional distress. We’ve understood that for years. But we now also know that ‘the body keeps the score’, to borrow the title of a popular book on the topic.

In somatic therapy, we start with the body. We help you become more aware of your body’s sensations and nurture a feeling of safety in your body. Alongside this, we also explore your thoughts, feelings and memories, aiming to integrate your mind and body to help you recover from the trauma you’ve experienced.

The impact of pent-up emotions

Pent-up emotions like anger or fear can trigger physical changes that affect your hormone levels, digestion and immune system, for example.

Now, you could learn better ways of managing conflict. That would be great – but the repressed anger that gives rise to those conflicts would still be there. You need a supported way to access and release the anger itself.

The impact of pent-up emotions

Somatic therapy techniques

Somatic therapy helps you release those ‘stuck’ and damaging feelings using techniques that integrate your mind and body.


Focused on releasing repressed thoughts and feelings


An induced state that enables you to recover suppressed memories or modify your behaviour.

Body awareness

Recognise areas of tension in your body and soothe them with calming thoughts.


Guiding you from a relaxed state to emotions that remind you of a traumatic experience and then back again.


Guiding you through a traumatic memory while noting and addressing accompanying physical sensations.


Helping you find your happy place by remembering people or places that make you feel calm and safe.

All therapies are delivered by telehealth with a trained professional who knows how to support you as you revisit past trauma and try to relieve its effects on your body. You’re in good hands.

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