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Support for common mental health disorders

You don’t need a diagnosed mental health condition to see us. We help any young adults who’d welcome support to navigate their way through life’s challenges.


Let’s start there.

You’re not a clinical condition or a collection of symptoms. You’re a whole person, body, mind and spirit. You have experiences, memories, thoughts and insights.

Being well doesn’t mean changing yourself. In fact, it’s about learning how to be who you really are.







Altru Health supports your growth and helps you better engage with the world you experience every day.

Reasons to see us

We support many young adults who are experiencing life challenges or health difficulties.

Feeling stuck

There’s no official diagnosis for this but you probably recognise the feeling. Your friends are in great jobs, their relationships are moving forward, maybe they’re even having babies.

And you’re…not.

Somehow, life just doesn’t seem to be coming together for you. You’re happy for your friends but you feel increasingly left behind. When is it going to happen for you?

We can help you acknowledge and work through difficult feelings, manage stress and explore new avenues for living well at this stage of your life.

Feeling stuck


Depression is a common mood disorder that can sap your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad, guilty or hopeless.

Depression has both physical and mental symptoms. It affects 1 in 7 Australians. It can affect people in many different ways. You might:

Thankfully, depression is treatable. With the right support, you can begin to feel more like yourself again.


Do you have a strong sense of who you are?

You might not yet. Maybe you’re still defining yourself as your parents or teachers did.

It takes time for your sense of identity to develop – and it often requires some space for reflection and growth.

Your identity will continue to evolve throughout the different stages of your life. 

At each stage, though, a strong sense of identity involves:

Many things are wrapped up in your sense of identity, including factors like your body image, gender and sexuality.

Altru Health offers a non-judgemental space to explore, accept and celebrate who you really are.



Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, affecting 3 million of us. Around 1 in 4 of us will experience anxiety at some stage of life. 

Of course, everyone feels anxious sometimes. People with an anxiety disorder, though, experience persistent worries that affect their daily functioning.

If you’re living with anxiety, you might:

Anxiety might mean that you:

Altru Health provides evidence-based care to help ease your anxiety.

Addressing trauma

The Productivity Commission estimates that 75% of Australian adults have experienced a traumatic event at some point in their lives.

Addressing trauma

Traumatic events may include:

Altru Health provides trauma-informed counselling and somatic therapy, complemented by our wellness services.

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