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Understanding Telehealth Counselling: How It Works

Let’s talk about mental health access. In times of crisis, immediate support is crucial. Unfortunately, for many individuals, the conventional process often involves several challenges:

  • distance and travel time,

  • extended waits for an appointment,

  • an overwhelming multi-step process,

  • and crowded environments

Enter a game-changer: Telehealth Counselling. Yes, you can certainly have the support you need without stepping foot in a mental health clinic. Telehealth brings therapy directly to you, erasing everything that makes getting medical care so stressful.

Altru Health believes that prioritising a streamlined connection to accessible GPs without leaving one’s home is key to addressing Australia’s rising mental health concerns.

In this blog, we’ll cover the definition and benefits of Telehealth Counselling and how it works. And as a bonus, an infographic that breaks down the step-by-step process of a typical session here at Altru Health.

Defining Telehealth Counselling

Telehealth Counselling is a virtual approach to therapy. It leverages technology to connect individuals and mental health professionals. This innovative approach eliminates barriers and provides individuals access to professional counselling services wherever they are in the world.

Does Telehealth Counselling Really Help?

It’s natural for people to question the effectiveness of modern healthcare solutions. The post-pandemic world has introduced a new era of medical care with the rise of telehealth, and people are asking, “Does telehealth counselling really help?” 

Telehealth counselling offers a ton of benefits aside from providing access to individuals looking to start their mental health and wellness journey. Let’s go through them one by one:

The Benefits of Telehealth Counselling


Telehealth Counselling transcends geographic constraints, making mental health support accessible to individuals in remote areas or those facing mobility challenges.


The convenience factor cannot be overstated. Clients with busy schedules can set virtual appointments without the need to commute, saving time and reducing potential stress associated with traditional in-person appointments.

Privacy and Comfort

Telehealth counselling provides a confidential and comfortable setting for individuals to share their thoughts and feelings. Trust lies in open communication and a space to express oneself, and this is one unique advantage you can get with telehealth.


With reduced travel expenses, telehealth counselling can be a more cost-effective option for many individuals requiring professional mental health care.


Consistency is crucial in mental health care. telehealth counselling ensures that individuals can maintain regular sessions, even during unforeseen circumstances or disruptions, promoting continuity in their therapeutic journey.

How Telehealth Counselling Works:

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can schedule their counselling session at their convenience. The flexibility in choosing a time that fits well with their weekly routine encourages individuals to prioritise their mental well-being more.

Virtual Connection

During the scheduled session, clients and mental health professionals connect virtually through video conferencing. This virtual connection aims to replicate the face-to-face interactions of typical in-person counselling.

Therapeutic Interaction

The magic of Telehealth Counselling lies in the therapeutic interaction between the client and the mental health professional. This occurs through active listening, empathy, and evidence-based interventions. What happens as a result? The individual moves forward in their journey to self-discovery and overall mental wellness.

Digital Tools and Resources

Telehealth platforms may incorporate additional digital tools and resources to enhance the counselling experience. These can include secure messaging for patient-mental health professional communication, progress tracking, and access to educational materials.

To help you absorb and understand how a telehealth counselling session works at Altru Health, here’s an infographic:

Mental health is now made more accessible than ever, which can pave the way to finally breaking the harmful stigmas around it. It’s now as easy as hopping on a zoom call with one of our telehealth counselling providers. We’ll be happy to guide you through your mental wellness journey every step of the way.


All information is general and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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