Altru Health

Jules Morris

About me

While being an Australian and British Citizen, I grew up in Kenya and the
experiences I have encountered over the years really taught me what mental health
was and the power and complexities of the mind. These experiences ignited my
passion to study the brain (the most complex organ in the universe), human
relations, and the correlation between brain health and gut health, the holistic picture
of a person and their situation. I soon realised I should use these experiences and
my passion for helping others from all backgrounds and diversities overcome
adversity through counselling. I love people, sharing good food in the community,
connecting, expressing creativity, exercise, self-care activities, breathwork,
meditation, journaling, promoting life longevity, following my purpose, and hot & cold
therapy to name a few! I hope to act as a tool to serve clients in their own self-development and healing journey.

Area of Experience

Working with adults, supporting clients in decision-making processes, working with
clients with anxiety and depression, working with people with mental health
adversities, providing loss and grief support, suicide prevention, expressive
therapies, taking clients through addiction, working with diverse people, promoting
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait islander cultural safety. Person Centred therapy,
Solution focused therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Acceptance, and
commitment therapy.


Professional Counsellor, Certified ACA member of the Australian Institute of
Professional Counselling. Expressive therapies, Taking clients through addiction,
Suicide Prevention, and Trauma informed care.

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