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Exploring Different Therapy Styles- Finding What Works for You

Therapists use a variety of therapy approaches based on the needs of each patient to address this variation. Let’s explore the various strategies and their advantages to guide you on your journey to wellbeing.

Crucial Therapeutic Methods:

Psychoanalysis in Treatment:

  • Focuses on revealing suppressed feelings and ideas, frequently linking them to events from early life.
  • Gaining awareness of unconscious tendencies and settling long-standing disputes are two advantages.

Psychodynamic Counselling:

  • Comparable to psychoanalysis, but focusing on current problems impacted by prior experiences and lasting less time.
  • Aids in comprehending unconscious processes and how they affect relationships and behaviour in the present.

Behavioural Medicine:

  • Focuses on teaching new behaviours using methods such as cognitive-behavioural therapies and exposure therapy.
  • Useful for treating particular problems like anxiety, phobias, and addictive behaviours.

Cognitive Rehab:

  • Focuses on unhealthy thought habits and beliefs and attempts to replace them with more beneficial ones.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of illnesses like PTSD, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Humanistic Counselling:

  • Revolves around realising one’s potential, growing personally, and self-discovery.
  • Promotes self-awareness, acceptance, and genuineness, cultivating a more profound comprehension of oneself.

Integrative Medicine:

  • Combines components of several therapy philosophies to produce a customised treatment programme.
  • Allows for flexibility and customisation to meet the needs and preferences of each individual.

Somatic Therapy: Examining the Mind-Body Link

Somatic treatment acknowledges the vital role the body plays in mental health, whereas traditional therapy focuses mostly on the mind. Somatic therapy examines the mind-body relationship between trauma and physical symptoms, which frequently accompany traumatic experiences.

Somatic therapy: What is it?

The focus of somatic therapy is on the body’s function in trauma processing and recovery.

Holistic healing is facilitated by the integration of mind and body through the promotion of safety and an increase in body awareness.

Integrates methods such as movement, breathwork, and mindfulness to ease emotional discharge and release of pent-up stress.

Using Telehealth to Provide Convenient Mental Health

It might be difficult to get mental health care when life is busy. But telehealth counselling provides a solution that fits your hectic schedules. Because virtual sessions are convenient, people can prioritise mental health without interfering with their daily activities.

With the goal of enabling readers to accept telehealth and investigate therapy choices, this informative site seeks to promote mental wellness. Make an appointment for a Telehealth session with Altru Health right now to start along the path to holistic wellness. The route to well-being begins here. 


All information is general and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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