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Altru Health – A new era of well-being at your fingertips

A new Australia-wide counselling and wellness service for young adults aged 16-30 (ish!)

Young adulthood can be a hard time for many people as they form their identity, find their way in the world, form relationships and handle increasing responsibilities in a fast-paced and complex world.

It’s not surprising that 75% of all lifetime cases of anxiety, mood, impulse-control, and substance use disorders start by the age of 24.

At Altru Health, we understand that seeking support can be a daunting process, and inaccessible for many. That’s where we come in – to partner with you on your unique journey to overall wellness. Altru Health provides conveniently accessible telehealth services with experienced professionals from the comfort of your own space, offering a supportive and holistic approach to counselling and wellness services that embrace the whole person – body, mind and soul.

Altru Health offers a suite of therapies with an emphasis on the inter-relationship between the body and the mind. Services include:

  • Trauma-informed psychology and counselling, including somatic therapy
  • Body and mind wellness – breathwork, yoga and guided meditation
  • Online resources to help people continue their journey.

Our goal is to support young people who are:

  • Dealing with depression and anxiety,
  • Seeking a non-judgemental space to explore identity issues relating to body image, gender or sexuality
  • Recovering from trauma.

When young people receive the support they need, they’re better able to establish a strong foundation for their adult lives. Altru Health considers it a privilege to be part of this process.


All information is general and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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